Ecopure Water Filters

About Us

Ecopure Filters is a UK based company which is an extension of a group of businesses specialising in water treatment products. Established in 2010 we offer high quality products developed for the eco-conscious customer, our products provide superior filtration when compared to other competitors.

The water purification media found in the majority of Ecopure Filters products is known as active ceramics. These active ceramic spheres, in the form of small balls (about 4mm in diameter), perform the following function:

Our focus at Ecopure Filters is to produce the next generation of filtration products which offer enhanced healthy water for you and your family.

We have developed a range of products for drinking water as well as for various other applications within the domestic domain. These are conveniently divided into 2 family groups:

The company is managed by expatriate South Africans who have real, hands on experience with South African water conditions. This team has worked for over 10 years within the water treatment industry. In addition to this that they are part of a larger group of companies which allow Ecopure Filters to benefit from in-house manufacturing and extensive global experience within the water treatment and filtration industry. The products speak for themselves by offering a unique range of highly applicable water filtration systems, which positively impact on your health and lifestyle!